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Nouveautés et sujets d'actualité

Harnessing lipids as plasticizers in hot-melt extrusion: a gateway to innovation

  • Hot melt extrusion

Unlocking a new opportunity to use lipid excipients


Women's medicines

  • Pharmaceuticals

Every woman faces a gynecological disorder at some point in her life, during puberty, maternity, menopause or post menopause. These age periods structure the women’s health market with treatments for menopause related disorders, postmenopausal osteoporosis, infertility, endometriosis, gynecological cancer and birth control.

Pediatric medicines

  • Pharmaceuticals

Pediatric patients have specific needs we have to take into account when developing formulations:
- need for dose flexibility to adapt to the body weight
- difficulty to swallow pills
- very sensitive to bitterness
- delicate skin

Focus on some solutions adapted to these specific challenges.

Smiling pediatric patient at the doctor's office
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Nos webinaires

Breaking boundaries in veterinary medicines

  • Animal Health

Part 4: Excipient Strategy for Safe Injectable Drug Delivery


Breaking boundaries in veterinary medicines

  • Animal Health

Part 3: Excipient Insights for Optimal Oral Drug Delivery


Nos dernières publications

Labrafac™ MC60 is an efficacious intestinal permeation enhancer for macromolecules: Comparisons with Labrasol® ALF in ex vivo and in vivo rat studies

  • Scientific publication

jui 2024

In this article, demonstration on how Labrafac™ MC60 acts as a safe intestinal permeation enhancer is given, with insulin as a model molecule. Studies were conducted in vivo and ex vivo, using isolated muscle-stripped rat jejunal and colonic mucosae.

The Role of Lipids in Mitigation of Food Effect

  • Whitepaper

mar 2024

In this paper, after a general description of the effect of food on gastrointestinal physiology, drugs, and formulation, the role of lipids is explained along with their digestion and absorption mechanisms. Case studies with self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) are presented as a way to mitigate the food effect. Current in vitro methods to determine indicators for the food effect during the drug development stage are also described.

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Nos dernières brochures

Gattefosse Brochure Safe and efficient skin drug delivery

  • Brochure

  • Topical/Transdermal
Gattefosse Brochure Safe and efficient skin drug delivery

Gelucire 44/14

  • Brochure

Learn how to use this self-emulsifying excipient to increase oral drug bioavailability

  • Oral
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