Gattefossé is providing innovative excipients for all routes of administration, serving the human, veterinary and dietary supplements markets.

Human health

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Our functional excipients are used worldwide to optimize drug delivery and enhance patient adherence.

Gattefossé is committed to accompanying its customers to develop safe and efficient human medicines, in oral, topical, rectal and vaginal routes of administration, from the early stages of development to the market.

Animal health

In veterinary medicine oral, topical and parenteral formulations and dosage forms have specific challenges to overcome:

  • In companion animals, palatability and administration issues are key challenges in developing effective treatments.
  • In food producing animals, residue levels and delivering therapeutic efficacy with reduced dosing frequency are primary concerns.

With excellent functionality, safety and tolerability, lipid excipients provide straightforward and innovative approaches for all these challenges.

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Lipid excipients used in veterinary medicines include solubilizers and oily vehicles for injectable, pour-on, spot-on, auricular dosage forms. Excipients are also used in topical ointments, gels, oral solutions, pastes and tablets for both domestic and food producing animals.

Veterinary product range

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Dietary supplements

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Gattefossé offers a limited range of functional lipid excipients adapted for the development of innovative and high performance dietary supplements.

Our functional excipients are used to improve the efficacy of dietary supplements, and to facilitate the formulation and the manufacturing of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms, by:

  • Protecting sensitive active
  • Modulating the release profile of the active
  • Lubricating multi-ingredient powder mixtures for compression
  • Modulating viscosity to improve finished product quality
  • Taste-masking by coating the active