Emulgel, combining emulsion and gel benefits

Emulgels consist in the incorporation of an emulsion into a hydrogel, to obtain a jellified emulsion. They have several advantages in the field of dermatology such as being non-greasy, easily spreadable, easily washable, rapidly absorbed, providing a fresh cooling sensation and convenient for hair-bearing areas.

Incorporating an emulsion into a hydrogel

The emulsion can be W/O or O/W; it is being prepared classically and then incorporated into a gel base to create the emulgel. Another option is to jellify the aqueous phase and emulsify with the oily phase.

Our best-of excipients for emulgels

Tefose® 63 is a versatile emulsifier, with exceptional skin and mucosal tolerance. For difficult-to-formulate APIs, prefer Gelot™ 64, our trouble-shooting emulsifier. 

Transcutol® P is a powerful solubilizer and safe penetration enhancer. It is compatible with all types of gelling agents and can be used at a very high concentration in the gel without altering its structure to obtain clear gels. 

Consult our dedicated pages for more information on emulsifiers, solubilizers and penetration enhancers.