Hard fats for pessaries

Pessary, sometimes described as vaginal suppository, is the most common dosage form used for vaginal drug delivery of anti-fungals, antibiotics, corticosteroids, hormones or hydrating agent. 

Vaginal drug delivery, for local and systemic action

The vaginal mucosa is highly sensitive, and this is even more exacerbated when a pathological condition is declared. Vaginal dosage forms should be developed with excipients providing great mucosal tolerance, no-irritancy, and safety of use. 

Our hard fat bases Ovucire® have proven safety and mucosal tolerance, excellent drug dispersion and physicochemical stability, narrow melting range for high performance in vivo and a solidification behavior adapted for a wide range of manufacturing equipment. Ovucire® are ideal vehicles for pessaries.  

Although very efficient, pessaries should not be considered as the sole dosage form for vaginal treatments. Curing vaginal diseases often combine the use of a pessary inside the vaginal cavity, and the use of a topical cream or gel externally. Preventing vaginal diseases with the use of probiotics is developing, with combine use of pessary and cream. 

Dedicated bases for pessaries

Our Ovucire® range of hard fat bases for pessaries has been optimized for vaginal drug delivery purposes: 

  • a melting temperature around 34°C, targeting the human vaginal temperature  

  • a high hydroxyl value which favors spreadability across the vaginal membranes 

  • use of an additive enabling homogeneous dispersion of the API in the dosage

    Ovucire® Grade Ovucire® Main Characteristics 
    Ovucire® 3460  Good mechanical resistance and enhanced spreadability within the vaginal cavity 
    Ovucire® WL 3264  With additive to enhance API dispersion and wettability 

Suppocire® can also be used to formulate pessaries; please consult the dedicated page to discover the full range