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Gattefossé offers a library of archived webinars that address current topics in personal care.
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Unraveling the Modern Male Consumer

Men are looking to make a deeper connection with their grooming products and demanding options that fit their individual lifestyles. Discover how to tap into the mindset and grooming habits of today’s modern male consumer.  Play the recording


3 Eye Contour Solutions

Tune in to learn about the latest trends in eye contour cosmetics, the skin-deep causes of under-eye bags, puffiness, and wrinkles, and Gattefossé solutions that can combat them, allowing you to become the new you in this new year! Play the recording

Untangled Haircare

Haircare is a rapidly growing category and there are many factors contributing to this growth. Listen and learn about the latest trends shaping the global haircare market and Gattefossé’s first haircare ingredient, Definicire™.  Play the recording


Beauty on the Fly

Nowadays beauty is all about the experience! Especially since shoppers have started passing up material goods and instead spending money on experiences, such as vacations. This webinar discusses how to better position your products for nomadic and experience seeking consumers. Play the recording

Formulating Naturally

It is no secret that natural products are a growing and ever evolving trend.  This growth is mostly driven by the availability of newer and better natural ingredients. This webinar gives insight about today’s natural consumer and how you can create “greener” products that meet their expectations.  Play the recording


Digital Pollution

Do you really understand how screen light exposure affects your skin? This webinar reveals what kind of light is really being emitted by screens, its impact on the skin, and how to protect yourself. Play the recording


Beauty brands are being challenged to develop solutions that help active women simultaneously achieve their fitness and beauty goals. FITssentials gives the latest information about the athbeauty movement and how to strategically position products to better address the demands of active consumers. Play the recording


Generation Beauty

A tailored approach to beauty at every age Gattefossé conducted a consumer study to better understand generational skin care preferences. This webinar gives a preview of those results and insight about what trends resonate most with each generation. Play the recording


Wear & Tear of Daily Wear

Keeping that Sunscreen on the Skin Using a UVA camera, Gattefossé has studied how sunscreen formulation texture can influence the protection delivered to consumers over the course of the day in daily wear sunscreens. Play the recording

Happy woman in New York City holding shopping bags

Fighting Urban Pollution

Review the impact of urban pollution on the skin and learn how to protect your skin, before discovering the Gattefossé’s solutions. Play the recording

NaDES Technology

Developing High-Performance Sustainable Ingredients This webinar will review how Gattefossè is using the highly innovative NaDES technology, NaDES is a new  natural solution to create highly functional and sustainable active ingredients. Play the recording


Turning Products Into Experiences A new trend is emerging and today’s consumer is choosing experiences over things. This webinar discusses how the best beauty products deliver happiness by fulfilling consumers desires for pleasurable and shareable experiences. Play the recording


Understanding the Millennial Mindset Millennials are more engaged with social and environmental causes than any generation previous. Dive into the millennial mindset to understand the environmental, natural, and social trends as they apply to cosmetics. Play the recording

Unexpected Suncare

Learn about trends in sunscreen and discover ingredients and solutions to improve the sensory properties of sunscreen formulations. Play the recording

Aging well

Shifting Consumer Attitudes Towards Skin Aging Gattefossé presents the results of a consumer study conducted to understand how consumers in Western societies and in Asia view skin aging and what claims resonate best. Play the recording

An introduction to the Nagoya Protocol

In 2010, the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources was adopted in Nagoya, Japan. This webinar introduces the Nagoya protocol and its potential implications for the cosmetics industry. Play the recording