"Essential oils and clinical innovations" Meeting

The Gattefossé Foundation aims at making it easier for academicians and Health professionals to share experiences and knowledge about the use of essential oils and their benefits for patients by organizing meetings and conferences.

Françoise-Couic Marinier’s conference in Saint-Priest, France


Françoise Couic-Marinier, pharmacy doctor and trainer in aromatherapy, member of the aromatherapy steering committee of the Gattefossé Foundation, was invited by the Foundation in Sept 2017 to explain Gattefossé’s staff the different uses of essential oils in hospitals.



The use of essential oils in healthcare centers

Essential oils can be used in a lot of different ways as a complementary therapeutic approach in healthcare centers. Discover what kind of pains and diseases aromatherapy can help treat with expert Françoise Couic-Marinier.







Benefits of essential oils for patients and caregivers

Aromatherapy can have a real impact on patient health but also on caregiver wellness. Françoise Couic-Marinier presents its benefits when used in hospitals.








Different ways to use essential oils

Essential oils can be used in different ways in healthcare centers, such as diffusion in the air, massage or cutaneous application. Françoise Couic-Marinier shares insights about these various modes of application.

















1st “Essential oils and clinical innovations” meeting in 2014


Essential oils and clinical innovations meeting 2014

On November 20th, 2014, in St Priest, the Foundation organised a meeting bringing together doctors, nurses, healthcare managers, trainers and university professors with the aim of sharing experiences and know-how.

“Our objectives are to make professionals feel less alone in their departments, overcome hesitations, fulfil desires and encourage initiatives”.

Professor Jacques Kopferschmitt, member of the Aromatherapy Steering Committee