The "Essential oils and clinical applications of aromatherapy" prize and grants

Each year, in the interest of improving treatment conditions for the most vulnerable patients, the Gattefossé Foundation awards the "Essential oils and clinical applications of aromatherapy" prize and grants to recognize and support medical establishments and initiatives.
Essential oils and clinical innovation prize -Gattefossé foundationThe prize, worth 10 000 €,  is awarded for an exemplary initiative advancing the use of essential oils as a complementary care strategy. It is given to a medical team and a French medical establishment whose scientific and clinical approach to the use of essential oils is backed by at least three years of experience and evidence of benefits to patients and their environment. Prizewinners may be public or private healthcare professionals or facilities that offer medical or paramedical services.
The grants, worth 5000 €, aim to promote more recent aromatherapy programmes—in any hospital department and any country—needing support to ensure their growth and longevity.  The objective of the Foundation is to provide new projects with the financial and human wherewithal to have a real effect over the long term. Each year the grants are awarded to two winners, which may be hospital departments and their teams, or projects.
The Steering Committee on Aromatherapy studies the applications and selects the winning medical establishments or initiatives according to predefined criteria.

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Prizes and grants awarded by the Foundation since 2014


Video: Sophie Gattefossé-Moyrand presents the establishments who have been rewarded by the Foundation since 2014.
To learn more, download the press releases about each award below.

Winners of the Prize


2018 – Doctor Anne Moro, paediatric plastic surgeon in La Réunion

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2017 – the Théophile de la Bretonnière residence in Saint-Julien de Concelles – Delphine Bienon, neuropsychologist and Thierry Podevin, pharmacist

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2016 – the Valenciennes Hospital Center-  Dr Géraldine Gommez-Mazaingue, geriatrician.

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2015 – the Colmar Civil Hospitals – Catherine Maranzana

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2014 – the Saint-Nicolas d’Angers Hospital – Dr Hanane Besselièvre

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Winners of the grants


2018 – The Marin Hospital of Hendaye (AP HP) and The public health institution (EPS) Barthélémy Durand

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2017 – the UnASP of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg

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2017 – AROVA association from Madagascar

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2016 – Pierre Delaroche–Clisson Hospital

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