Our commitments

We embrace our responsibility towards the planet, our customers, and stakeholders. We want to make a difference by sharing knowledge to foster innovation and deliver high-quality products that help build customer brands, while reducing our environmental impact.

Quality and Security

    For Gattefossé, quality is a strategic driver for progress which is fully integrated in every process we undertake, from research to product delivery to our customers. Our quality policies are constantly upgraded to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations. We are regularly audited by all our major customers, and strive to continuously improve our quality standards, as demonstrated by well-prized certifications.  

  • Our industrial site at Saint-Priest is ISO 9001 certified since 1993.
  • An average of 20 customer audits are carried out per year on our Saint-Priest site.
  • Our products have obtained several certifications, following guidelines such as ECOCERT, COSMOS, National Organic Program, etc.
  • Since 1990, we have been a member of the Responsible Care Program, the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative for the protection of the environment.



Good Manufacturing Practices

  We always comply with applicable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for both our pharmaceutical and personal care ingredients.

  • As an active member of the International Excipient Council (IPEC), we have aligned our quality system with the joint IPEC/PQG GMP Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients.
  • We are also an active member of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI), and our quality system complies with the EFfCI GMP Guide for Cosmetic Ingredients.



  As part of its group management policy, Gattefossé has implemented safety actions to prevent and counter the risks associated with its activities—manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and R&D—and facilities—production lines, application laboratories, and office buildings. Particular attention has been given to training and campaigns to raise awareness. Appropriate indicators and action plans are routinely defined and applied. Committed to quality and safety, we ensure our procedures apply a frame of reference we share with our customers—in terms of systems, standards, and industry regulations.

Corporate Social Responsibility




To foster responsible innovation, production processes have been modernized to conserve energy, generate less waste, and maximize recyclability.

For many years, Gattefossé has been committed to sustainable development, significantly reducing energy consumption while increasing its manufacturing capacity.

The company protects the environment by carefully selecting raw materials of natural origin for its production processes. As such, Gattefossé became a member of RSPO in 2010, to support conscientious and responsible palm oil producers and cooperatives. In 2017, the company achieved RSPO Mass Balance certification applied to its manufacturing site in France. Gattefossé also uses certified segregated palm and palm kernel oil for its Lipocire range of personal care ingredients.

Gattefossé ensures that raw materials come from safe, identifiable, and renewable sources. Its tracking system monitors origins and methods of production. The company establishes long-term relationships with suppliers, who we consider to be strategic partners.


People Development


We are convinced that the future growth of our company depends on the talented people we employ worldwide, truly committed to making Gattefossé a global player. The group is proud of its strong corporate culture, influenced by the characters of its founders and leaders. They have driven the development of the company while remaining faithful to its original code of ethics.

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Knowledge sharing



Gattefossé has developed strong relationships with the international scientific community and shares its knowledge through publications, seminars, and conferences. The company supports doctoral students and runs contract research projects with various academic groups worldwide.




Les journées galéniques of Saint-Rémy de Provence


Organized by the Gattefossé Foundation, the Journées Galéniques of Saint-Rémy de Provence is a science conference where researchers and university professors gather to discuss the latest developments in pharmaceutical science. The event seeks to promote advanced knowledge and techniques related to the formulation of medicines by encouraging dialogue between scientists from academia and industry that is centered on pharmaceutical technology.

By organizing these meetings, Gattefossé is pursuing the work initiated in the 1960s by Henri-Marcel Gattefosséwho envisioned a company that would foster the flow of ideas between researchers worldwide.

The proceedings of the Journées Galéniques are published in the form of a Bulletin Technique* available to all parties in the field of pharmaceutical technology.