Shanghai Application Laboratory

Discover our Application Laboratory in Shanghai


Gattefosse_32747_Chinese application laboratoryWith a significant market for generic and super generic medicines, China offers great opportunities for Gattefossé China and our new technical center of excellence to develop representative case studies for sustained release applications, taste masking and enhancement of transdermal delivery systems. For these, we are working with universities and research institutes to provide our customers with ready-to- use formulations and processes.


Gattefosse_29855_suppositoryChina has a strong and recognized traditional medicine history. Recently, we developed formulations using Gattefossé excipients, and more specifically, a new dedicated Suppocire A-64 grade, proved to improve the quality of TCM suppositories remarkably.

中国的中药历史悠久且受到广泛认可。近几年,我们采用嘉法狮辅料专为中药制剂开发处方,特别是一款新规格的产品Suppocire A-64应用于中药栓剂可以显著提高制剂的质量。

To better serve our customers, the technical team works closely with the Gattefossé global technical centers of excellence based in the US, India and France, sharing knowledge and experience.