Publications on Gelucire®48/16

Publications on Gelucire®48/16

Gelucire® 48/16: a safe wetting agent for tablet. A case study with fenofibrate

E. Dauphin-Chanard ; JM. Girard ; C. Deleglise ; P. Caisse

Gattefossé SAS – Saint-Priest – France

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Gelucire 48/16® for Type-IV Lipid Based Formulations and Their In Vitro In Vivo Performance Evaluation

Agnivesh Shrivastava, Ketkee Deshmukh, Sunil Bambarkar, Nabil Farah, Kavita Singh

PharmSci AAPS 2019

In this study the authors developed a type IV lipid-based formulation to improve solubility and bioavailability of ticagrelor. The in vitro lipolysis test was shown to be a good tool to predict in vivo performance.

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Gelucire 48/16®: A Versatile Non-Ionic Solid Solubilizer for Tablets of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs

Agnivesh Shrivastava, Ketkee Deshmukh, Nabil Farah, Sharda Gurram, Sunil Bambarkar

PharmSci AAPS 2018

A solid dispersion of ticagrelor and Gelucire® 48/16 is prepared to increase drug solubility . The solid dispersion is converted into tablets. The formulated tablets showed improved dissolution rate compared to the market reference.

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Bioavailable Curcumin – A Type 4 Lipid Based Drug Delivery System Using Gelucire®48/16 As Solid Solubilizer

Ketkee Deshmukh, Sharda Gurram, Sunil Bambarkar, Vincent Jannin, Nabil Farah, Kavita Singh

CRS 2018 poster

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Macrogol esters: Influence on in vitro and in vivo dissolution of a poorly soluble drug

Chhanda Kapadia, Meenakshi Venkataraman, Megha Marwah , Nabil J Farah , M.S. Nagarsenker

AAPS 2017

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Gelucire 48/16®: A Non-Ionic Solid Surfactant for Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Drugs

Chhanda Kapadia, Agnivesh Shrivastava, Sharda Gurram

AAPS 2017

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Gelucire® 48/16: a solid surfactant for tablets

Ketkee Deshmukh and Chhanda Kapadia Pharma Times, Vol. 48 – N° 11 – November 2016 – pp 17-22

This articles describes Gelucire® 48/16 – a novel pegylated lipid excipient, and its use as a solid surfactant for solubility enhancement.

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Novel Pegylated lipid excipients: Role in augmenting dissolution of a poorly soluble drug.

 AAPS 2016

This poster describes the use of Gattefossé’s newest surfactant Gelucire® 48/16 (polyoxyl stearate type I USP-NF) and our hydrodispersible lubricant Compritol® HD5 ATO (behenoyl polyoxyl-8 glycerides USP-NF) in tablets of telmisartan, a BCS class II drug.

Gattefossé excipients were combined with API in granulation processes and granules were compressed into tablets. Tablets of good quality and integrity were made and drug release was compared with a market reference product. Results showed improved drug dissolution in tablets made with Gelucire® 48/16 and Compritol® HD5 ATO.

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Development of self emulsifying lipid formulations of BCS class II drugs with low to medium lipophilicity

Vincent Jannin, Stéphanie Chevrier, Matthieu Michenaud, Camille Dumont, Silvia Belotti, Yann Chavant, Fédéric Demarne.

This acticle describes the work undertaken in Gattefossé R&D labs (St Priest) to develop lipid formulations for low to medium lipophilicity API: piroxicam, nifedipine and curcurmin and evaluate the effect of in-vitro digestion on the solubilizing capacity of the formulations.

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Formulation of a self-emulsifying lipid formulation of curcumin

Vincent Jannin, Camille Dumont, Hamza Benhaddou, Stéphanie Chevrier, Yann Chavant, Christophe Voutsinas, Frédéric Demarne

AAPS 2014

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Characterization of a new self-emulsifying excipient to expand formulation options for poorly soluble drugs: Gelucire® 48/16


AAPS 2012

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