Gattefossé North America announces the recipient of the 2017 Award for Excellence

Pr Andreas Bernkop-Schnürch from Institute of Pharmacy / University of Innsbruck, Austria, is the recipient of 2017 Gattefossé North America Award for Excellence in R&D with lipid excipients.

Professor Andreas Bernkop-SchnürchGattefossé is pleased to announce that Professor Andreas Bernkop-Schnürch has been selected as the winner of the 2017 Gattefossé Award for Excellence by a seven-member committee of Lipid Based Drug Delivery scientists.  The award recognizes his contributions to research and development, notably his work pertaining to development of peptide and protein drug formulations with lipid-based excipients.

In recently published articles, Professor Bernkop-Schnürch demonstrated that a combination of hydrophobic ion-pairing and SEDDS formulations can produce ion complex payloads as high as 10% while protecting the peptides to improve their oral bioavailability.

The accomplishments of Pr Bernkop-Schnürch will be recognized at a Gattefossé sponsored event in San Diego next week, where he is to receive a commemoration plaque and an honorarium of $10,000.


The Gattefossé North America award for excellence in research and development with lipid-based excipients is an annual prize which recognizes scientific excellence and significant contributions to the field of lipid-based excipients and/or formulations. Applications for next year will be opened in spring 2018.