Posters presented at CRS 2018

Download the posters presented by our teams at CRS:

- Curcumin bioavailability enhancement with Gelucire® 48/16
- Solid SMEDDS using 3D printing and Gelucire® 44/14 and Gelucire® 48/16
- Safe intestinal permeation enhancement with Labrasol®

Bioavailable Curcumin – A Type 4 Lipid Based Drug Delivery System Using Gelucire®48/16 As Solid Solubilizer

Ketkee Deshmukh, Sharda Gurram, Sunil Bambarkar, Vincent Jannin, Nabil Farah, Kavita Singh

Gattefosse India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India

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A Novel Approach To Prepare Solid Self-microemulsifying Drug Delivery System Without A Solid-phase Carrier Using 3D Printing

KapilkumarVithani, Alvaro Goyanes, Vincent Jannin, Simon Gaisford, Ben Boyd

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science

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Labrasol® is an efficacious non-damaging intestinal permeation enhancer in isolated rat intestinal mucosa

Fiona McCartney, Vincent Jannin, David J Brayden

University College Dublin

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