Lipid-based formulations: a winning strategy for oral bioavailability enhancement

The key to lipid-based formulation success relies in the right selection of the lipid excipients to develop an optimized formulation, enabling solubilization of the drug throughout the digestion process for enhancement of oral bioavailability.

If you are not familiar with lipid-based formulation, you must read this short brochure to:

  • understand by which mechanisms lipid-based formulations increase bioavailability
  • have an overview of Gattefossé range of excipients for BAE
  • know how to select the appropriate excipient depending on  drug properties  and desired dosage form
  • discover the stepwise approach to develop lipid-based formulations




With decades of experience in that field Gattefossé is a reliable partner to develop lipid-based formulations. We have prepared multiple tools to help you develop your lipid-based formulations.

In this 10 minute video we explain the main steps for lipid-based formulation development and the do’s and don’ts: