Excipients for Suppositories and Pessaries

Gattefosse_suppositoriesSuppocire® and Ovucire™ are our well-established brands of semi-synthetic hard fat bases comprising fatty acid esters. Their physicochemical properties have been optimized to provide excellent drug delivery for both solid and liquid active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), across the range of water solubility.



Advantages of Suppocire® and Ovucire™

  • proven safety and mucosal tolerance
  • excellent drug dispersion and physicochemical stability
  • narrow melting range for high performance in vivo
  • solidification behavior adapted for a wide range of manufacturing equipment

Range of bases for suppositories

We offer a wide range of bases for suppositories and pessaries. Here you will find a selection of the most versatile grades. Our bases and formulation expertise enable you to:

  • simplify existing formulations by reducing the number of excipients;
  • optimize the manufacturing process and reduce quality issues;
  • obtain excellent product quality attributes including drug dissolution, i.e., efficacy.

Versatile bases

These multipurpose vehicles span a range of melting points and hydroxyl values and are suitable for a wide spectrum of APIs. They are ideal for straightforward formulations using manual, semi-automated, or fully automated equipment.

Suppocire® Grade Suppocire® Main Characteristics
Suppocire® AM Low melting point
Suppocire® NAI 25 A Low melting point; long-chain glycerides enable production of hard suppository units

Bases for challenging APIs

Some APIs are more difficult to formulate due to properties such as hydrophilicity, sensitivity to oxidation, or high drug load. They require special bases like the following:

Drug Characteristics Suppocire® Grade
Liposoluble Suppocire® CM
Hydrophilic Suppocire® NAS 50
Glycerin Suppocire® AGP
Sensitive to oxidation Suppocire® NA 15

Dedicated bases for pessaries

Ovucire™ Grade Ovucire™ Main Characteristics
Ovucire™ 3460 Good mechanical resistance and enhanced spreadability within the vaginal cavity
Ovucire™ WL 3264 With additive to enhance API dispersion and wettability


With over 50 years of industrial experience, we have developed our products to address manufacturing and formulation challenges. Our know-how can genuinely speed up drug development time by helping you with

  • selection of the appropriate Suppocire® and Ovucire™ base by considering API characteristics and the manufacturing process;
  • rapid product development benefiting from our database of validated formulations;
  • laboratory-scale formulation development, troubleshooting, scale-up, and manufacturing advice.

Contact Gattefossé to obtain reference formulations with APIs such as acetaminophen, clotrimazole, diclofenac sodium, econazole nitrate, hydrocortisone acetate, ketoprofen, lidocaine hydrochloride, mesalamine, metronidazole, miconazole nitrate, nystatin, papaverine, phloroglucinol, piroxicam, probiotics, procaine, progesterone, and ruscogenin in association with trimebutine.