Excipients for Emulsification

Gattefosse TOPICAL EMULSION balm To enable straightforward formulation of stable emulsion systems, Gattefossé offers a range of all-in-one emulsifiers. Due to their specific composition combining lipophilic and hydrophilic surfactants with a texture agent, they provide stable emulsions whatever the type and concentration of oil.  


Advantages of lipid excipients:

  • self-emulsifying bases for all phases (glycerin, PEG, alcohol, propylene glycol, mineral oil, MCT)
  • excellent compatibility with APIs (including salt forms), preservatives, and gelling agents
  • yield creams with high heat stability over a wide pH range
  • versatile—for formulation of sprays, lotions, creams, and balms with improved texture and sensorial properties
  • non irritant
  • odor- and color-free

Range of emulsifiers

Tefose® 63:

  • versatile: can be used with a wide range of drugs
  • range of viscosity, including fluid, foam, or rich cream
  • use at 5%–20% (w/w)
  • worldwide precedence of use
  • outstanding mucosal tolerance for antifungal treatments
  • one-pot manufacturing process feasible

Gelot™ 64:

  • ideal for difficult-to formulate APIs (e.g., alcohol extracts, acidic drugs, and essential oils)
  • forms rich creams and balms over a wide pH range
  • use at 2%–12% (w/w)
  • can emulsify anhydrous phase (PEG, glycerin)
  • suitable for anti-acne drugs (tretinoin, azelaic acid)
  • precedence of use

Plurol® Diisostearique:

  • liquid excipient ideal for heat-sensitive APIs when used in cold emulsification process
  • PEG-free emulsifier
  • nonirritant; suitable for sensitive skin
  • forms rich creams when used at 3%–6% (w/w)
  • W/O emulsification: up to 85% of aqueous phase

Tefose® 1500:

  • versatile: can be used with a wide range of drugs
  • recommended for sprays and lotions
  • use at 5%-10% (w/w)
  • precedence of use

Gattefossé can provide prototype formulations that highlight win-win combinations of emulsifiers:

  • Tefose® 63 with Labrafil® M 1944 CS to improve stability
  • Plurol® Diisostearique with Plurol® Oleique CC 497 to improve stability
  • Gelot™ 64 with Emulcire™ 61 to improve sensorial properties
  • Tefose® 1500 with Labrafil® M 2130 CS to improve stability