Bi-gels consist of an intimate mixture of an aqueous gel and an oily gel.

Due to their dual nature, bi-gels are associated with the following advantages: 

  • Suitable for lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs 
  • Better drug absorption through the skin  
  • Cooling and moisturizing effect 
  • Improved spreadability
Key ingredients

Emulfree® duo  

  • A stablizing agent for the oily phase of bi-gel 
  • PEG-free excipient 
  • Processable at room temperature 
  • Use at 1 – 8% of the formulation 

Compritol® 888 pellets 

  • Consistency agent for oily phase in topical formulations 
  • High melting point 65-77°C 

Geleol™ Mono and diglyceride NF 

  • Consistency agent 
  • Intermediate melting point 54-64°C 

Transcutol® P  

  • Solubilizer and penetration enhancer for a wide range of molecules 

Lauroglycol™ FCC 

  • Solubilizer and penetration enhancer 

Labrafac™ Lipophile WL 1349 

  • Oily vehicle in topical formulations 
  • Solubilizer 
  • Improves skin feel and enhances spreadability while providing  a melting sensation.

Suppocire® A 

  • Hard fat  
  • Improves the texture and enables a smooth and easy application on the body