More than 50 years of Bulletins Techniques

In 1966, Gattefossé pioneered the first event to exchange on galenical formulations with the institution of the Journées Galéniques of Saint Remy de Provence. Throughout the years numerous subjects have been addressed by internationally recognized researchers, academic and industrial, always sharing their latest findings for the benefit of the whole pharmaceutical community.

Each year the proceedings of the meetings have been published in a Bulletin Technique, progressively building a rich collection. In a long tradition of sharing knowledge and for the 50th anniversary of Les Journées Galéniques, the Gattefossé Foundation is pleased to make the entire collection now available.

We invite you to open the doors of this unique and eclectic library to benefit from this knowledge of pharmaceutical science, formulation and drug delivery.


Bulletin Technique 2018 – Lipids and polymers in pharmaceutical technology Lifelong companions

Published as an open access article in International Journal of Pharmaceutics 558 (2019) 128-142

In pharmaceutical technology, lipids and polymers are considered pillar excipients for the fabrication of most dosage forms, irrespective of the administration route. They play various roles ranging from support vehicles to release rate modifiers, stabilizers, solubilizers, permeation enhancers and transfection agents. Focusing on selected applications, which were discussed at the Biennial Scientific Meeting of the Gattefossé Foundation 2018, this manuscript recapitulates the fundamental roles of these two important classes of excipients, either employed alone or in combination, and provides insight on their functional properties in various types of drug formulations. Emphasis is placed on oral formulations for the administration of active pharmaceutical ingredients with low aqueous solubilities or poor permeation properties. Additionally, this review article covers the use of lipids and polymers in the design of colloidal injectable delivery systems, and as substrates in additive manufacturing technologies for the production of tailor-made dosage forms.


Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2015Bulletin Technique 2015 – It’s life Jim but not as we’d like it: navigating beyond the rule-of-5

The 49th Journées Galéniques gathered together leading academics and industrial scientists from around the world to provide a contemporary and updated understanding of the challenges and opportunities in drug development for molecules which are outside the traditional ‘rule-of-5’ drug space.

In this 108th Edition of the Bulletin Technique you will find the abstracts and information about the presenters. However the majority of full articles have been published in the Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews entitled ‘Understanding the challenges of beyond the rule of 5 compounds: Volume 101 June 1, 2016.


Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2014Bulletin Technique 2014 – It’s just mucosa, get over it…

This year’s edition is essential reading for anyone working in the delivery of therapeutic molecules across thin or thick mucosal barriers. It contains insight and foresight from leading experts in drug delivery science from around the world.



Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2013Bulletin Technique 2013 – Exploring pharmaceutical interfaces : when oral meets topical and cosmetic formulation technologies

Building bridges between oral and topical drug delivery, between health and beauty to reinvent tomorrow’s medicines.



Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2012Bulletin Technique 2012 – Melt techniques in solid dosage forms & GI modeling in the spotlight

Exploring the potential of melt techniques to produce solid dosage forms and the modelization of drug release in the gastrointestinal tract.



Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2011Bulletin Technique 2011 – Supersaturating drug delivery systems

An in depth exploration of the use of supersaturation as drug delivery systems.





Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2010Bulletin Technique 2010 – Aromatherapy : is there a role for essential oils in current and future healthcare?

The 44th annual Conference of the Journées Galéniques (June 2010) was devoted to aromatherapy, coinciding with the 130th anniversary of the Gattefossé company and a tribute to René-Maurice Gattefossé, a pioneer of aromatherapy as we know it. This special conference focused on the potential of aromatherapy as a complementary therapy as a means of achieving improved health equilibrium.


Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2009Bulletin Technique 2009 – Paediatric drug development tackling current and future challenges

A comprehensive overview of biological, clinical and formulation challenges associated with paediatric drug development




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2008Bulletin Technique 2008 – Nanotechnology for impoving drug delivery across biologicals barriers

Description of the latest technologies available to produce nanoparticles and illustration of their potential in specific drug delivery across mucosalmembranes.



Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2007Bulletin Technique 2007 – Strategies for exploiting the full potential of oral-lipid based drug delivery systems

Complete overview of lipid excipients for efficient oral drug delivery systems




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2006Bulletin Technique 2006 – 40th anniversary: Influence of lipid excipients on oral drug absorption

Unveiling the mechanism of lipids in drug absorption and giving clues for efficient lipid based formulation




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2005Bulletin Technique 2005 – Drug candidate optimization, formulation and early development

Focusing on drug candidate to better understang how to shorten the time between their selection and the development of the medicine




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2004Bulletin Technique 2004 – Sustained release formulation with lipid based excipient

Sustained release formulation with lipid-based excipients, from the academic perspective to actual industrial applications




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2003Bulletin Technique 2003 – Challenge in drug delivery for the new millenium

Depicting new drug delivery systems and their promising future in personalized medicines




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2002Bulletin Technique 2002 – Human skin, the medium of touch

A complete update on skin structure and on technologies for topical and transdermal drug delivery to envisage new developments




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2001Bulletin Technique 2001 – Oral drug absorption: a renaissance

Understanding the role of intestinal epithelial cells in absorption and the influence of lipids for better formulation of oral drug delivery systems




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 2000Bulletin Technique 2000 – Frontiers in biopharmacy

Understanding the pharmacokinetics of the drug molecules, assessing their potential using latest cell culture methods and other biopharmaceutical tools




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 1999Bulletin Technique 1999 – Recent advances in the formulation and development of poorly-soluble drugs

Using lipid to formulate poorly soluble drugs, keys to successful formulations




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 1998Bulletin Technique 1998 – Strategy for delivering insoluble compounds in lipid formulations

Optimizing the drug candidates for lipid-based formulations and using predictive studies for quicker formulation development




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 1997Bulletin Technique 1997 – New lipidic systems enhancing the bioavailability of problem drugs

Understanding the rationale behind lipidic systems to formulate challenging drugs




Bulletin Technique Gattefossé Journées Galéniques 1996Bulletin Technique 1996 – Semi-solid formulations and oral absorption enhancement

Filling hard gelatin capsules with semi-solid lipid systems for oral drug delivery: all the facettes of this art are described