Come along, We'll take you on a tour of our cell culture laboratory!

Cosmetic actives are more than “just ingredient”. They are key contributors to cosmetic claims, helping brands to support their marketing concept, differentiate from competition and inspire their final consumers.

At Gattefossé, we are focusing on extracting the very best of nature and delivering scientifically proven skin care benefits.

But no claim possible without a solid substantiation file!


Internalized in vitro testing


Along with the development of the range of active ingredients and the increasing pace of innovation in this field, the need for in-house testing capabilities has become central for Gattefossé. A cell biology laboratory was opened at the headquarters in 2013.

This laboratory is a space designed to integrate the entire chain of in vitro tests, from the cell culture to the proof of efficacy, including the development of models. A high value facility to run our own research in skin biology and better understand skin physiopathology.


Follow the guide


Pass through the entry doors with a guide who will make you discover the different spaces and equipments.

Meet with the research team dedicated to cutaneous biology. Its members collaborate to create ever more advanced models of investigation.

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