Radiance even in heavy polluted environment

Air pollutants disrupt the natural balance of the epidermis and lead to oxidation, cutaneous inflammation and irritation (up to sensitization). The hydrolipid film is altered and the barrier reduced. As a result, the skin becomes sensitive, with a dull complexion, greasy and dehydrated.

Good microcirculation is crucial to help the skin fight pollution and improve the condition of sensitive skin: it induces a better oxygenation and nutrition, and thus a visible radiant skin.


From microcirculation to skin radiance


The efficacy of Gatuline® Radiance on skin microcirculation is the direct result of the extracellular release of nitric oxide (NO) from endothelial cells. By stimulating this physiological pathway, Gatuline® Radiance enables the relaxation of the microvessel walls, a phenomenon called vasodilation.   Due to its stimulating effect on microcirculation, Gatuline® Radiance contributes to the nutrition of the support tissues of the skin. The face is revitalized and acquires a healthy glow, luminosity and a more even appearance.


Radiance in polluted conditions


A new clinical study has demonstrated that Gatuline® Radiance visibly enhanced skin brightness even under heavy pollution.   Gatuline® Radiance was tested during 4 weeks, at 3% in an emulsion. The study took place in Wuhan, China (Air Quality Index was measured to confirm highly polluted environment).   Results clearly show that Gatuline® Radiance induces a better oxygenation and nutrition, thus a visible radiant skin. The skin is soothed, its vitality is improved, with less visible pores.




Efficacy confirmed by users


Panelists have confirmed these results. They feel their skin reacts less to external aggressions.