Mask Make-up

Every woman has her signature shade of red lipstick that gives her all the confidence in the world, empowering her to conquer the day and any obstacle that comes her way. But how does she manage to pull off this look when her lips can no longer be seen? What is the future of color cosmetics and how will consumers and brands respond?


Above the Mask  


It’s no secret that Covid-19 has significantly impacted the beauty industry, especially color cosmetics, which took the hardest hit. According to The NPD Group Q3 2020 Prestige Beauty sales report, US prestige color cosmetics sales were down 31% year-over-year, due to the 70% of consumers who scaled back their make-up usage in 2020. (1)  The demise of lipstick has been challenging, and brands have needed to adapt quickly. Those that have shifted their focus away from lip applications and upward towards the eyes have proven to be successful, generating eye products, lash and eyebrow hair growth serums, and more.

The beauty focus on the eyes was incredibly evident on social media. Beauty influencers posted How-to guides for bold eyes and tips for how to apply mask makeup all over YouTube and TikTok, with the latter accruing more than 53 million views from videos tagged #MaskMakeup. (2)

In fact, eye makeup sales were up 204% year-over-year for the 3-month period ending June 28 according to Kantar. (2) All the attention is now on the eyes, so it’s time to get creative!


Bold & Beautiful


Women’s fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour, predict 2021 eye makeup trends to be vibrant and nostalgic. Eyeliner takes the lead, allowing consumers to create graphic lines and shapes in bright, bold colors, especially blue, as an ode to the 80s. According to Spate Beauty Tracker, eyeliner products showed increased consumer interest with nearly +100K searches from Jan – Dec 2020 compared to the previous year. (3) Purple eye makeup is also having a moment in beauty, not just for the lids, but the lashes too. And well-groomed eyebrows will also be a highlight, whether straight or fluffy.



Eyes on the Prize with Gattefossé


At Gattefossé, we can help you create expressive eyes in several ways:


When it comes to color cosmetics, we have an ingredient specifically engineered to handle a high pigment load, compatible with a variety of colorants, both coated and uncoated. Emulium® Illustro, our in-Cosmetics 2019 gold-winning W/O emulsifier, is a highly functional and stabilizing material that can create a variety of textures, fluid to thick, and even stick formulations.  Try out our Smoothing Concealer, a multifunctional application that provides ultimate coverage, thanks to its high percentage of pigments, and redesigns the eye contour thanks to the active ingredient, Gatuline® Link n Lift. Or adapt our Full Metal Lip Cream into a liquid eye shadow application with colors of your choosing. A hue of purple perhaps?


And when it comes to brow care, look to Definicire®, an active texturizing agent that recreates the hair protective lipid layer. Whether you’re spending more time indoors video conferencing or finding ways to break free from your at-home routine, Definicire® can be used in styling creams, gums, and waxes to ensure hair discipline, providing frizz and volume control, as well as facilitate combing, enhance hair smoothness, and protect from urban pollution.


More on Masks


If you want to know more about masked beauty, join us for our upcoming webinar Mask Mania, which not only looks at trends and solutions above the mask but behind the mask and minus the mask too.



(1)  Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine – January 2021