Gattefossé x Carlin

Beauty Trend Notebook – Summer 2023

At Gattefossé, we believe that inspiration and creativity come through collaboration. For more than 10 years, we have been working with Carlin, a trend agency, on their Beauty Trend Notebooks by proposing tailor-made textures, in line with the themes of the future.

Discover the fruit of our contribution this year, related to graphic lines, water and Mother Earth!




In this theme, lines draw graphic shapes on the body. Colors are also very present, catching the eye to these strange designs that create an inspiring dynamic.



Caramask (2373-1.24) perfectly represents this idea, through its stringy texture and surprising pick-up! Its original texture and gourmand perfume make it look like caramel. It is formulated with a high amount of cetyl alcohol and glycerin which give it an intended soaping effect, and hydroxypropyl guar which brings this stringy texture. Emulium® Dolcea MB creates the emulsion but also helps to rinse it off.




This theme honors hydration and fresh, sensory textures. Colors are cool but still soft and the skin is glowy, almost lustrous. Water is omnipresent, as a symbol of hydration and life.



Quenching Blue Serum (2390-2.03) was chosen for its super moisturizing texture and refreshing light blue color. Its fluid texture is ideal for thirsty skin. Its high amount of glycols brings moisturization, as well as Emulium® Dolcea MB which has demonstrated its moisturizing properties in a clinical test. Its light blue color is brought by Mala’Kîte™, a malachite stone extract. It also protects the skin against digital pollution thanks to EnergiNius®.




We are taken back to ancestral times paying a tribute to noble materials. Driven by warm and animal colors, this theme celebrates raw materials and naturality.



Hair & Scalp Mud Mask (2441-1.03) featured here is inspired by Mother Earth, and it contains green clay and walnut. This mask purifies and detoxifies the hair and the scalp thanks to the clay while remaining comfortable thanks to its emulsified texture obtained with Emulium® Dolcea MB which rinses easily. Definicire® and Gatuline® Age Defense NP protects the hair and scalp against humidity and oxidation.