Feeling time pressured?

 Wake-up, eat, shower, cleanse, apply toner, apply serum, get the kids ready, apply cream, apply sunscreen, put some make-up on and leave for work. Do you ever feel outworn by time in the morning?

Today, our lives are becoming more and more busier: we have more things to do every day, leaving so little time for a perfect beauty routine in the morning. And the rise of new cosmetic products, defined as new essentials, do not help to shorten it.

Thankfully, cosmetic brands are answering this problem by launching new all-in-one products on the market. Those products promise a fast and easy perfection since they combine all the effects of several creams and lotions in a single jar.


The stars: the alphabet creams


The first of this kind were the BB creams. First developed in eastern Asia, these Blemish Balms conquered the western world a few years ago, leading the way to other products called the alphabet creams (CC, DD, up to ZZ!). They combine the efficacy of a day cream and a foundation, helping to reach a spotless skin in a second.

The BB Cream (1528-1.15) developed by the Gattefossé formulation laboratories is a very sensorial version of a beautifying balm which unifies the complexion with a perfect coverage but also enlightens and gives a rosy glow to the skin. It contains the actives Gatuline® Radiance, Gatuline® Spot-Light and Malt Secrets™.

On a more targeted application, the Concealer (1934-1.01) is a perfect example of a multi-functional beauty product. This pigmented cream helps to cover the effects of the night under the eyes on a short term but it also delivers long term skin benefits due to the effects of two highly substantiated actives. Cytobiol™ Lumin-Eye tackles the under-eye bags and dark circles while Gatuline® Link n Lift reduces all eye contour wrinkles with visible effects after only 2 weeks.



The new comers: the quick perfecting creams


Recently, a new kind of formulations has appeared on the shelves. These new products promise to offer a complete treatment, a full experience. They have a texture similar to a day cream but the efficacy of a serum, containing a high percentage of actives.

The formulation called Joy Overflow (1658-1.04) illustrates perfectly this concept: a soft and comfortable creamy texture brought by Emulium® Delta MB, a sensorial and robust emulsifier, stabilizing close to 20% of actives here. It is formulated with a blend of the full range of Gatuline®, treating wrinkles, age spots, dry and damaged skin but also protecting it from extrinsic aging.

Designed to be used around the eyes and lips the Perfect Contour (1897-1.15) is a cream that features a high amount of two highly efficient anti-wrinkle actives: Gatuline® Expression AF and Gatuline® Link n Lift. Formulated in a cushiony texture with the help of Emulium® Kappa², these actives significantly and visibly reduce eye and mouth contour wrinkles, in particular those giving to the face the impression of negative emotions.

 Set of makeup products and accessories to even out skin tone and complexion. Shallow depth of field


In a world where time is precious, everyone would enjoy to save a few minutes with these new beauty solutions and relax with a cup of tea before facing the day.