Energizing Skin Care

The holidays are just around the corner! For many of us, this time of year is all about festive cheer, fond memories with family and friends, and good food. On the flip side, they can also give rise to stress and fatigue caused by a lack of sleep or personal care that comes with the holiday frenzy. And this can be reflected in our skin which tends to look duller and less radiant. To combat these signs, we can look to products that energize the skin for more radiant and healthy skin to help you look like you are well-rested and ready to tackle the holiday chaos!


Energize with Oli’Vîne™ 


olivine geological crystal isolatedAt Gattefossé, we have the mineral active that can be used in skincare to re-energize and revitalize. Oli’Vîne™ is a liquid stone extract derived from peridot and is rich in the element magnesium. In the human body, magnesium plays an essential role in the production of ATP, the source of energy that is used to drive many processes in the body such as muscle contraction and DNA synthesis. It can also help combat the effects of fatigue and stress to restore balance for more radiant skin. 




Boost Cell Energy

To determine the energizing effect, the ATP level of human keratinocytes and fibroblasts was measured using bioluminescence when treated with Oli’Vîne™.  As seen from the results, when used at 1%, Oli’Vîne™ increased ATP levels in keratinocytes by 23%. In fibroblasts, ATP levels were increased by 26% when 0.1% of Oli’Vîne™ was used. This shows how our mineral complex can be used to increase cellular energy, providing a boost in energy to combat dull skin. 


Reduce Cellular Stress

Oli’Vîne™ also works by reducing cellular stress which was determined by measuring the mitochondrial membrane potential. When subjected to stress, the mitochondrial membrane potential will increase as an adaptive response and produce more ATP. When Oli’Vîne™ was used, the adaptive response was decreased by 37% which proves that our active helps to reduce cellular stress.

To ensure that your skin is not affected by the holiday mania, utilize skin care products with Oli’Vîne™ to energize your skin and leave you with more radiant, fatigue-free skin!