At the heart of cosmetic products

Why texture and sensory analysis are essential

Texture is key.

Responsible for triggering different sensations and reactions, texture is truly the charm card, the major contributor to consumer seduction. The initial impression of the texture is what influences consumers’ choice of personal care products. The long-term appreciation upon use is what makes the consumer faithful to a cosmetic product.

The texture also plays a significant role in the perception of efficacy. Finally, it can also actively contribute to increase skin benefit, with so-called smart textures that possess inner biological activity, for example moisturizing properties.


The role of sensory analysis in cosmetics


As sensory impression plays an important role in the consumer’s purchase behavior, it is essential to be able to identify and describe the sensory properties of a cosmetic product.

Sensory analysis is a scientific discipline used to measure, analyze and interpret the characteristics of a product as they are perceived by the five senses. It allows to obtain a full sensory profile of a cosmetic product.      


Sensory analysis at Gattefossé



Gattefossé attaches great importance to the sensorial evaluation of its products and formulas and has been developing its expertise in sensory analysis since 1996. Gattefossé created its own group of trained panelists, composed of a dozen experts, using analytical methods to sensorially characterize the products with precision and reproducibility. They can accurately assess the physical and sensorial properties of any product and translate these impressions into objective data, regardless of whether they are evaluating our own formulas or other products on the market.



The products are evaluated following specific steps and criteria. It starts with a visual evaluation, before measuring the behavior of the product at first touch, then during application and finally, after absorption. Here is how these criteria are evaluated by our trained panelists:


First touch:



During application:



After absorption:



Our sensory database has been constantly enriched over the course of twenty years and spans over 400 formulations to help us best respond to all customer requests.