The Benefits of Bi-Gels

With summer in full swing in many parts of the world, consumers are looking for lighter, cooling textures to help them beat the heat.  Bi-gels are a unique formulation approach that creates light and refreshing textures with numerous benefits for both skin care and sun care.

What is a bi-gel?

A bi-gel looks just like a standard emulsion but is actually a dispersion of an oily network within an aqueous gel.  This dispersion of oil and water is then stabilized by a unique surfactant-free system – Emulfree® CBG MB. 



Why make a bi-gel instead of a standard emulsion?

This unique bi-gel structure gives innovative technical and sensory properties to cosmetic formulations, different from what can be achieved with a standard emulsion.


Upon application, the bi-gel breaks on the skin liberating its two phases: a fine oily layer remain on the skin and a fraction of the water evaporates.  This action brings several benefits for various types of formulations including cleansers, sunscreens, and skin care.

In addition, because Emulfree® CBG MB is surfactant free, it can be used in formulas designed for sensitive skin and those with strict “free-from” restrictions.


So, what are the benefits?

Bi-gels offer an easy and innovative alternative to standard emulsions.  They deliver unique benefits, and create new and inspirational textures, but are still easy to work with and well-suited to many product types.

Smarter Sunscreens

Emulfree® CBG MB naturally increases the water resistance of sunscreen formulations without the use of water resistance agents.  Additionally, the light and cooling textures inherent to bi-gels are particularly well adapted to the hot temperatures in which sunscreens are typically used.

Fresh Textures

Because of their quick-break effect on application, bi-gels are perfect for creating extremely light, cooling, and refreshing textures that are unachievable with standard emulsifiers.  The after-feel on the skin is light and not greasy or tacky.

Efficient & Gentle Make-up Removal

As bi-gel formulas are applied on the skin, the oil phase becomes available to dissolve makeup and remove pigments from the skin.

Sensitive Skin Superstar

Because they don’t contain potentially irritating surfactants, bi-gels are well-suited to formulas targeting sensitive skin. The composition of Emulfree® CBG MB has been carefully studied to avoid skin reactions and ensure comfort.

Clean Beauty

The clean eating trend is moving to beauty! More and more, consumers are looking for “clean beauty” formulas.  With its skin friendly composition and an EWG rating of 1, bi-gels align perfectly with the clean beauty trend.


Can I get a sample?

Of course!  Learn more about Emulfree® CBG MB here, or contact us to request a sample.