Beat Adult Acne to the Punch

About 50% of men and women over the age of 25 have some degree of facial acne.1

Ance vulgaris was once an embarrassing problem most often associated with teenagers but many individuals in their 20’s and beyond have begun experiencing acne as well. About 50% of men and women over the age of 25 have some degree of facial acne.1 Active acne and acne scars can have a severe impact on self-esteem and deplete a person’s confidence.

Bad news for women


In general, adult acne tends to be more predominant among females and the most plausible reasoning is hormonal changes. It is believed that taking birth control pills may delay acne for some women and once they stop taking the pills, breakouts begin to flare up. Also, late onset acne tends to occur in women around 40 years of age and this is attributed to hormonal changes associated with menopause.2


An acne-free paradise


Despite this adult acne epidemic, there are some places in the world where acne does not exist. A seven week study performed by a trained physician, which included 1200 people living on the Trobriand Island, revealed a population of people completely devoid of acne. Even in the “high risk” group, ages 15-25, there was no acne present. Many scientists attribute this acne-free phenomenon to the difference in diet and environment on the island.3


A link between acne and pollution


Studies have eluded to the fact that environment and other aspects of a person’s lifestyle can aggravate acne symptoms. Earlier this year, researchers explored whether there is a connection between pollution and acne. A two year retrospective study was done at a hospital in Beijing, China which showed increased outpatient visits for acne vulgaris around the same time that there were increased concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, and NO2 in the air. However, more research is necessary to further understand the mechanism linking pollution to acne flare ups. 4


Addressing symptoms with Cytobiol™ Iris A2


Since most people do not have the luxury of living on the acne free island of Trobriand, they are left to battle acne by addressing the route cause.

It is well known that acne occurs via 4 key events:

  1. Excess sebum production
  2. Hyperkeratinization
  3. Bacterial proliferation
  4. Inflammation

Cytobiol™ Iris A2 is a synergistic blend of iris extract, vitamin A and zinc that is especially designed to address these key events. It has been clinically proven to purify the skin, diminish shine, minimize pores and reduce skin imperfections.

A clinical study showed significant improvements in the skin’s condition after just 28 days of use.





Protect skin with Emulium® Mellifera MB


Knowing that pollution can potentially exacerbate acne symptoms, Emulium® Mellifera MB can help provide efficient protection against particulate matter.

Emulium® Mellifera MB delivers triple action against pollution:

  1. It creates a film at the surface of the skin which prevents a large part of urban dusts and particles from adhering to the epidermis.
  2. The film also traps pollutants and prevents them from penetrating into the skin.
  3. These pollutants are eliminated with the film during makeup removal / facial cleansing.

To learn more about Emulium® Mellifera MB’s protective benefits feel free to visit our previous article, Fighting Urban Pollution.



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