All Eyes on You

“Nonverbal communication, such as facial gestures and expressions, constitutes 55% of our overall communication.” (1)  In addition to the mouth, the eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the human body. People are able to gauge emotions and reactions by looking at the eyes. This is especially true at this time when wearing masks inhibits the use of the lower part of our faces in communication. With the majority of our faces covered, a person’s focus is automatically drawn to the eyes to read and interpret emotions and reactions which leads to an increase in importance that the eyes play in communication. Now that everyone’s attention is solely on the eyes, what can we do to make sure that our primary form of nonverbal communication is cared for? It’s as easy as prepping, priming, and painting. So let’s show our eyes a little extra TLC. 


Prep your canvas


Think of your face as a piece of art and the eyes as the focal point. The first thing every artist does when creating a work of art is prepping the canvas for painting. To do so, the artist stretches canvas over a wooden frame and sprays water to help the canvas tighten  as it dries. Eyes are delicate so it’s important to incorporate skin care products that gently hydrate and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Prepare your eyes with this Perfect Contour cream which features our active Gatuline® Link n Lift.  This active acts by reinforcing the dermal-epidermal junction to help redesign the eye contour by visibly reducing the appearance of Crow’s feet, tear trough, and undereye wrinkles. From the 3D image analysis conducted during clinical evaluations below, you can see that Gatuline® Link n Lift significantly improves the appearance of  Crow’s feet wrinkles.



Prime before you paint


The next step in the process is priming your canvas. Depending on the paint medium, artists may choose from different primers like gesso, a thin white paint mixture, to make the canvas ready for paint. Priming is an important step as it helps protect the canvas and provides an even background for paints to stand out.  When priming the eyes, using a product such as a concealer can help you create this even, smooth background for foundation. Prime your under eyes  with our natural Concealer that utilizes Cytobiol™ Lumin-Eye to diminish under eye bags. As you can see from the images below, there is a significant reduction in the puffiness of under eye bags after 28 days.

Paint with bold strokes 


Now all that’s left for the artist to do is pick their paint medium, use their imagination, and paint! Eye makeup can be another form of self expression so the type of product and which colors are used is completely up to you. Going for bold look, try adapting our Full Metal Lip Cream into a liquid eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.  This formula were created using our award-winning emulsifier, Emulium® IllustroThis water-in-oil emulsifier is pigment empowered as it works well with colorants and UV filters, both coated and uncoated, in addition to a variety of cosmetic ingredients to help make it easy for formulators to create natural color cosmetics.


All Eyes on You


Gattefossé actives and textures make it easy for formulators to create natural skin care and color cosmetic products for the eyes. So now you can rest easy knowing that even if your eyes are the main form of non-verbal communication, they are prepped, primed, and painted.