Transcutol® CG

Solubilizer & efficacy booster

Transcutol® CG is a powerful solubilizer and efficacy booster that has been used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for decades. The reasons for its success lie in its recognized solvent and efficacy-boosting qualities, exceptional safety, and versatility of use.

Use level



Transcutol® CG has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years and has an excellent safety profile. *Restricted use levels in Europe:

  • rinse-off products: up to 10%
  • oxidative hair dye formulations: up to 7%
  • non-oxidative hair dye formulations: up to 5%
  • spray products, fine fragrances, hair sprays, antiperspirants/deodorants: up to 2.6%
  • all other cosmetic products: up to 2.6%



  • Superior solubilizer
  • Efficacy booster for cosmetic formulations (substantiated in vivo)
  • Highest purity


  • Skin care—anti-acne preparations
  • Self-tanning products
  • Hair care—conditioners, hair dyes
  • Toiletries—antiperspirants, soaps


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