Gattefossé strengthens its strategy of developing responsible ingredients with 3 products labeled ERI 360°

In line with our CSR approach, we have achieved the required process to obtain the ERI 360° label, and we are proud to have reached it for 3 of our major cosmetic ingredients: Gatuline® Link n lift, Gatuline® Renew and EnergiNius®.

ERI 360°: assessing the level of eco-responsibility of an ingredient   

Gattefossé’s CSR approach is an integral part of its development strategy. One of its major challenges concerns the sustainability of the raw materials used to develop its ingredients.

The ERI 360° label, created by Innov’Alliance in 2018, aims to define the level of Ecoresponsibility of a cosmetic ingredient using an analysis grid based on 100 indicators. 

Resulting from the collaborative work of 12 companies in the cosmetics industry, including Gattefossé, it evaluates the entire life cycle of the product, from its origin through to its launch to market.

For more information, consult the  Press release.