Cocoate™ BG MB

Enhancing pigment performance

Formulators are looking for unique and powerful ingredients that are multifunctional and easy to use.

Cocoate™ BG MB combines complementary properties required for effective cosmetic products, simultaneously acting as an emollient, a solubilizer for organic filters, and a powerful wetting agent for pigments and mineral filters. Boasting excellent compatibility, it also improves spreadability and offers a soft and pleasant finish.

Use level


Butylene Glycol Cocoate

Non-natural ester. Powerful and muti-active ingredient, easy to use.


  • Pigment wetting agent
  • Organic UV filter solubilizer
  • Emollient


  • Sun care—organic and mineral UV filter formulations
  • Makeup—all types
  • Skin care—complexion enhancers, emulsions with UV filters