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Get ideas from our lab. Discover our best formulas featuring our actives and textures.



Softer Skin Stick


This stick is very practical to gently exfoliate the skin. It deposits the right amount of product on the skin and is easy to rinse off thanks to its texture that emulsifies on contact with water. It leaves the skin soft and comfortable without drying it out.

Slide n' Foam


Adopt a new gesture thanks to this face cleanser with a solid but melting texture! Apply the product directly onto dry skin, then rub the skin with wet hands to create foam and clean the skin. Thus, the product is not damaged by water and is gentler for the skin as only the right amount is applied.

Everything Balm


This anhydrous multifunctional balm takes care of the skin of the face, the body, the hands and also the lips and the hair. It contains Acticire® MB which allows the incorporation of aqueous ingredients such as active ingredients or colorants, for more customization!

Magma Mask


First, crush a pellet of the Magma Mask in your palm, then take a bit of the "Everything Balm", another Gattefossé formula (or alternatively hot water). Mix to form a thick black mask to spread directly onto the skin and rinse after 10 minutes.

Scalp & Body Scrub


Exfoliating the scalp has become trendy! For this, there is nothing like this anhydrous wax with grains of sodium bicarbonate that gently exfoliates, then rinses easily without residue in the hair. It can also be used on the body for a 2-in-1 application.

Zero Shine Cream


No more shine thanks to this soft but redoubtable cream that mattifies the skin without drying it out. Formulated with Plurol® Stearic MB which provides a dry and powdery feel, its creamy texture penetrates quickly and leaves a comfortable and matte film. Cytobiol™ Iris A² helps to fight against shine but also to reduce imperfections.

Targeted Treatment


Thanks to this natural transparent gel, pimples are a thing of the past! It helps to purify the skin and minimize breakouts thanks to Cytobiol™ Iris A² and Original Extract™ Lemon Bio. Its gel texture is adapted to a pump or roll-on applicator for ultra-targeted application.

Anti-spot Body Spray


Some body areas such as the décolleté, back or shoulders can also suffer from imperfections. This ultrafluid bi-gel obtained with Emulfree® CBG MB has been specially designed to purify these areas without leaving a sticky or greasy film, so that it is possible to dress directly after application.