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Ready-to-go Body Lotion


This body milk will surprise you! This W/O emulsion instantly penetrates without any sticky or greasy effect, and makes it possible to dress just after application. The combination of Emulium® Illustro and Emulfree® CBG MB provides a light, comfortable and evanescent texture.

Stick Foundation


This stick foundation is perfect for women who want a long-lasting mat complexion but still luminous. Easy to use, this solid W/O emulsion spreads easily on the skin, thanks to Lipocire™ A SG which melts at skin temperature and leaves a smooth residual film. Emulium® Illustro provides a soft and comfortable texture.

Prep & Blur


Make your make-up stay all day long with this blur which, once applied, blurs imperfections, softens the skin and provides a long-lasting effect to the foundation. Emulium® Illustro allows to obtain a light and smooth W/O emulsion, while Lipocire ™ A SG brings comfort and a melting sensation upon application.

Ultra Fluid Sunscreen SPF50


This high protective sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays and allows to expose safely at the beach. Thanks to Emulium® Illustro, its application is easy and fast, and the finish on the skin is soft and light. No more sand sticking to the skin!

Full Metal Lip Cream


Dress your lips with metal! This W/O emulsion contains pigments and pearls that intensely color your lips without drying them. Emulium® Illustro provides a soft and slippery texture, while Lipocire™ A SG and Acticire® MB provide comfort and smoothness.

Smoothing Concealer


This W/O emulsion contains a high percentage of pigments that gives it a high coverage. Thanks to Emulium® Illustro, the texture remains comfortable and the finish is luminous. Gatuline® Link n Lift has also been used for its smoothing and anti-aging properties.

Deeply Comforting Cream


Bring relaxation to your body with this comforting cream. Rich and silky thanks to Emulium® Illustro, this W/O emulsion durably relieves dry and dehydrated skins. The skin appears hydrated and nourished without any greasy or sticky effect.

Fully Mineral Sunscreen SPF30


Unlike most natural sunscreens, the texture of this natural sunscreen SPF30 is soft, easy to spread, and leaves no sticky nor greasy film thanks to Emulium® Illustro. A mix of active ingredients brings energy and radiance to the skin.