Publications on sustained-release

List of Gattefossé publications on sustained-release.

Evolution of the Microstructure of Sustained-release Matrix Tablets during Dissolution and Storage


Indian J Pharm Sci 2018;80(6):1011-1020

Open access article

QbD – How particle size and glyceride composition affect the performance of sustained-release tablets with Compritol 888 ATO

Yvonne Rosiaux, Amandine Forrest, Jean-Michel Girard, Carole Deleglise, Delphine Marchaud

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Compritol® 888 ATO: a sustained release lipid matrix for once a day aceclofenac tablets

C. J. Kapadia, A. R. Shrivastava, G. R. Khanvilkar AAPS 2016

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Influence of Formulation Factors and Compression Force on Release Profile of Sustained Release Metoprolol Tablets using Compritol® 888 ATO as Lipid Excipient

Shilpa N. PATERE, Chhanda J. KAPADIA and Mangal S. NAGARSENKER Indian J Pharm Sci 2015;77(5): 620-625 Release profile of metoprolol from sustained release tablets using Compritol 888 ATO as SR lipid matrix agent showed high reliability. Different sources of active ingredient and batches of Compritol were evaluated at different compression forces and in dissolution media containing or not ethanol. The formulation appeared to be very robust and is not affected by these variables. Therefore Compritol offers great potential in the formulation  of reliable SR tablets.

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New insights into the stability of SR lipid matrix tablets

Y. Rosiaux, V. Jannin, J. Doucet*, J-M. Girard, F. Desvignes, and D. Marchaud CRS 2015

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Effect of Tablet Structure on Controlled Release from Supersaturating Solid Dispersions Containing Glyceryl Behenate.

Justin M. Keen, Justin R. Hughey, Ryan C. Bennett, Vincent Jannin, Yvonne Rosiaux, Delphine Marchaud, and James W. McGinity

Mol. Pharmaceutics, 2015, 12 (1), pp 120–126
DOI: 10.1021/mp500480y

Smart strategies for sustained release tablets: Compritol® 888 ATO

White paper – May 2014 This white paper gives an overview of how Compritol® 888 ATO provides clinically relevant sustained drug release profiles along with biopharmaceutical, formulation and manufacturing advantages.

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Solid lipid excipients – matrix agents for sustained drug delivery.

Yvonne Rosiaux, Vincent Jannin, Sophie Hughes, Delphine Marchaud Journal of Controlled Release Volume 188, 28 August 2014, Pages 18–30


This review article focuses on the utility of lipid excipients in solid sustained drug delivery systems with emphasis on the efficiency and robustness of these systems with respect to: (i) the choice of the manufacturing process and impact on drug release, (ii) the fundamental drug release mechanisms, (iii) resistance of the drug formulation under physiological conditions and (iv) long-term stability. Understanding the functionality of these versatile excipients in formulation is elementary for the development of highly robust lipid-based sustained release medicines

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Sustained release levadopa mini-tablets containing Compritol® 888: a viable approach for special patient populations

AAPS 2013

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Compritol®888 ATO a lipid excipient for sustained release of highly water soluble active: formulation, scale-up and IVIVC study.

Patere SN, Desai NS, Jain AS, Kadam PP, Thatte UM, Gogtay N, Kapadia CJ, Farah N, Nagarsenker MS.

Curr Drug Deliv. 2013 Oct;10(5):548-56.

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Ethanol resistant extended release matrix tablets with Compritol® 888 ATO

Poster AAPS 2014

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Estimating in vivo drug release from a new theophylline Compritol® 888 ATO matrix formulation using appropriate biorelevant test methods

Poster CRS 2014

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Streamlining the design of sustained release matrix tablets using mathematical modeling for drug release optimization

Poster CRS 2014

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The effect of process on drug release of Compritol® 888 sustained release tablets: direct compression, wet granulation and hot melt extrusion

Poster CRS 2014  

Formulation Effects on Drug Release from Sustained-Release Compritol® 888 ATO Tablets and Mini-Tablets

CRS 2011

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