Energizing mineral complex

Nature is a constant inspiration for cosmetics ingredients, but plants are not the only sources of natural actives. Mineral Matters™ liquid stone extracts apply special technology to extract important minerals from precious stones and make them bioavailable to the skin.  The result is a unique line of substantiated stone actives that enhance and protect. Oli’Vîne™ is an energizing magnesium complex extracted from peridot. It increases cellular activity, helps skin cells fight stress, and simultaneously oxygenates and energizes the skin for an antiaging, antistress effect. See the other actives in this Mineral Matters™ line:


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NPA certified

Water (and)
Olivine Extract

Peridot is an ancient gemstone.  An earlier term for it was chrysolite, whose Greek roots mean “golden stone,” an allusion to its gold-green brilliance. Peridot was also used in Egyptian jewelry dating to the time of the pharaohs.  


  • Oxygenating
  • Energizing
  • Combats cutaneous stress
  • Helps fight dull, tired skin


  • Anti-fatigue day cream
  • Fash radiance skin care
  • Anti-stress youth masks
  • Energizing body lotion


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