Paramus Technical Center of Excellence

Discover our Technical Center of Excellence in Paramus, NJ


Gattefossé North America offers great opportunities for the pharmaceutical market with its new Technical Center of Excellence in Paramus, NJ. With tailored training and seminars, we work with customers to provide assistance with pre-clinical to market needs including:

  • Solubility screening, excipient selection, formulation design
  • Formulation troubleshooting
  • Project assistance for drug formulation


North America’s Technical Center of Excellent works to meet universal challenges, bringing proof of concept with new formulation approaches, the development of new excipients and the characterization of systems.

To better serve our customers, our technical center is equipped with the latest analytical, characterization and processing capabilities including Stereoscope and Cross-polarized light microscope with hot stage and imaging software; DSC with modulated DSC capability; pH-Stat for Lipolysis Testing; UPLC; Dissolution bath, auto sampler, online UV; Dynamic Light Scattering Particle sizer; and Thermal Activity Monitoring.