Winter is coming...

…And it will not spare your skin!

Our skin is the mirror of our inner health. But it is also the mirror of our outer environment! Indeed, skin is impacted by climatic and seasonal changes, as well as rapidly changing temperatures from heated indoors to cold outdoors. Our skin feels dry, sensitive, and some people may even develop skin conditions such as atopic eczema and rosacea.


Why the cold is so cruel with our skin


A recent study showed that the skin barrier is affected by climatic and seasonal changes(1). The levels of breakdown products of filaggrin – a protein that helps maintain the skin’s barrier function – change between winter and summer on the cheeks and hands. The skin cells suffer from shrinkage and therefore change their surface. Moreover, during the winter, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) levels are reduced and Dermal Texture Index (DTI) are elevated, resulting in flakes, cracks, and irritation on the face and body.

This phenomenon is of course linked to a cold weather, but also to the alternation between our overheated interiors and the polar cold, which can affect the capillaries. Besides, it can be due to overly hot showers and baths which are so tempting when it gets cold outside.

Winter is coming - bath


How to fight dryness


By adopting the right skincare regimen, it is possible to fight efficiently the misdeeds of winter.

The face, as an exposed body part, is the first to suffer from the cold. It needs moisturizing, nourishing and soothing products, but not too rich textures that could clog the pores. 

Moisture Lock Emulsion (1668-2.03) is a soft white milk, easy to spread and non-greasy with a highly soft finish. There is a great feeling of moisturization upon application as the skin is nourished: skin moisture is locked thanks to Gatuline® RC Bio and thus, there is no need to apply another facial care product.

Soothing Day Cream (JB 2730/A) is formulated with few ingredients in order to minimize the risk of irritation due to raw materials. Its soothing effect provided by Gatuline® Derma-Sensitive makes it a formula of choice to treat reactive skin. The formula is well-balanced between rich and light components to create a rich but non-greasy day cream.

As seen previously, cleansing our skin too much with irritating products weakens its defences and exposes it more to the cold weather. It is therefore essential not to use too hot water and use gentle cleansers.

Solid oil (1878-1.27) is  actually  an  oil-in-water  emulsion  containing  a  little  amount  of  water. Its application can be modulated: the balm liquefies when in contact with the skin to become a nourishing and silky oil, without being greasy. It can also be used with water as a make-up remover or a cleanser. 100% natural, it is a short and environment friendly formula.

It is easy to think that our body skin, hidden under several layers of clothing, does not need a special attention. However, it is thirsty for hydration and nutrition too! Textures must be rich but not greasy and not sticky, enabling to get dressed immediately after application.

Liquid Balm (1964-1.28) has a fluid texture that will mislead you on its true intentions. When applied on the skin, it is ultra moisturizing and nourishing to please very dry skin.  Acticire® MB, with the help of Gatuline® Skin-Repair Bio, deeply moisturizes and soothes even the driest skin.

Winter is coming - bed

Finally, do not forget your lips! The skin here is very thin, so we often have chapped lips in the winter. They need to be protected with very film-forming formulas to retain moisture inside and limit contact with the cold and dry air.

Natural Soothing Stick (MM 8789/A) comforts  your  damaged  lips  with  the  soothing  effect  of  Gatuline®  Derma-Sensitive. Thanks to Lipocire™ A SG and its strong melting power, it glides on your lips while protecting them from the cold weather.


(1) K.A. Engebretsen et al, Changes in filaggrin degradation products and corneocyte surface texture by season, British Journal of Dermatology, 2018, 178 (5), 1143-1150