Gattefossé publishes two magazines dedicated to personal care market trends and solutions:

  • Active beauty, our North-American edition
  • Addiactive, our French version

Below you can find an archive of our previous issues.



(content is in English)


Active Beauty Special Issue

The special issue is about combating modern day skin stressors. Discover more about how to protect the skin from screen-emitted light, environmental pollution and sweat. Click here to consult the special issue.







Active Beauty #4

Issue 4 of Active Beauty  is all about generational preferences and perceptions on skin care. Discover useful insight about the product preferences of women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 60’s. Click here to consult #4.







Active Beauty #3

Issue 3 of Active Beauty explores three emerging trends linked to the sustainability movement.  Discover Eco Age-Fighters, Foodie Beauty, and Less is More. Click here to consult Active Beauty #3







Active Beauty #2

Issue 2 of Active Beauty highlights Naturally Flawless Skin, K-Beauty, and Broader Sun Protection. Click here to consult Active Beauty #2.








Active Beauty #1

The inaugural issue of Active Beauty highlights 3 current trends: Blurring, Detox, and Oil/Water Click here to consult Active Beauty #1






(content is in French)

Find out all Addiactive info on the addiactive website.


Addiactive #109 – Hair Care

A fall issue largely devoted to hair and scalp with a description of consumer expectations and an overview of our solutions that will, hopefully, satisfy your future projects.  Click here  to consult Addiactive #109








Addiactive #108 – Ready to travel

A special travel issue, to give you the inspiration to prepare the formulas for the traveler of today and tomorrow . Click here to consult Addiactive #108








Addiactive #107 – Hydrophiles

Water, an element as vital as air and precious ingredient of our formulas ! This natural resource must be protected and preserved, but it still has many surprises for the future.   Click here to consult Addiactive #107









Addiactive #106 – Active Beauty

This magazine presents an overview of the strong Active Beauty trend.  Click here to consult Addiactive #106








Addiactive #105 – Adolescence

This fall issue is dedicated to the sensitive subject of adolescence…  Not always an easy time! This magazine will give you the keys to a better understanding of this age group.   Click here to consult Addiactive #105







Addiactive #104 -The science of happiness

Summer issue dedicated to happiness and answering a simple but essential question: where is happiness? A special edition full of joy! Click here to consult Addiactive #104







Addiactive #103 – Ready for ageing

Special edition dedicated to the well-aging approach. Actives, textures, trends, … Discover the many facets of this new philosophy! Are you ready for aging? Click here to consult Addiactive #103








 Addiactive #102 – Colored beauty

From simple camouflage to more sophisticated beauty, makeup presents many facets. It reinvents itself by its textures, but also by its activities and gestures. It even comes to advocate transparency and bare skin effect, to magnify the play of light. Addiactive goes through the doors of this colorful world, to explore its novelties. Click here to consult Addiactive #102