Show True Emotions


Smiling, squinting, pursing the lips: expression lines are the results of thousands of daily involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles. These fine lines start being visible around the age of 30 and turn into deep wrinkles over the years. As they become more visible, they can lead to the expression of inappropriate emotions.

Crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, tear trough( also called valley of tears) and bitterness folds (located at the corner of the mouth) can thus give the impression of sadness, sorrow and grief.


New product: Gatuline® Link n Lift, redesign the eye contour


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Gatuline® Link n Lift, is a new active ingredient that has been developed especially for the eye contour area. Based on horse chestnut flowers and obtained using NaDES technology, Gatuline® Link n Lift restores fibroblast dynamism and acts on the dermal-epidermal junction to reconnect the epidermis to the dermis. As a result, wrinkles around the eyes are visibly reduced and positive expressions are restored for a younger and fresher look.

Used at 2% in formulation, Gatuline® Link n Lift visibly acts on all eye contour wrinkles. The double blind clinical study versus placebo confirms the eye contour rejuvenation, with the first effects visible in just 2 weeks.


New clinical substantiation: Gatuline® Expression AF, immediate smoothing


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Targeting expression lines, Gatuline® Expression AF helps smooth the skin around the lips and redesigns the entire mouth contour. A clear reduction of the barcode wrinkles and bitterness folds has been assessed using instrumental techniques. The lip contour appears better defined, sharper and the natural curve of the Cupid’s bow is recovered, for a more sensual smile.


 5 innovative and surprising textures


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The Gattefossé application laboratories have worked on five emotions reinvented with innovative textures, to enrich and transform the daily beauty routine. From Korean-inspired to all-natural textures, the skin will enjoy the full intensity of using these 5 formulations featuring Gattefossé ingredients.

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  • Expressed Serum – a dynamizing serum inspired from the Korean pressed serum
  • Perfect Contour – a natural formula to treat contour wrinkles
  • Bounce Butter – a joyful and jumpy day cream
  • Pop Ink – a colorful and exuberant tint for your lips
  • Solid Oil – a pampering emulsion to relax at night