Gattefosse Pharma Panorama Newsletter

Gattefossé PANORAMA NEWSLETTER aims to share information on the precedence of use of lipid excipients in authorized medicines around the world. Composition of the specialties featured in this documents is publicly available and the chemical name of excipients used in the formula can easily be found. However, no commercial names of excipients or medicines will be given for confidentiality reasons.

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Gattefosse Panorama Newsletter October 2018 Hard capsules_cover

#6 : Hard capsules: tradition and innovation in a shell!

October 2018

#5 : Soft gelatin capsules

May 2018

Gattefosse Panorama Newsletter November 2017 Veterinary medicines

#4 : Veterinary medicines

November 2017

#3: Topical medicines

June 2017

#2: Women’s medicines

December 2016

#1: Pediatric medicines

April 2016