Gattefossé Méditerranean supports reading for all in Tunisia

Gattefossé Group, through Gattefossé Méditerranean, supports a solidary initiative in Takelsa, Tunisia: the start-up of a mobile library.
This collective initiative was carried out by the library and the municipality of Takelsa. Its mission is to lend books to the children from the 13 enclaved villages of the region which are not served by public transport.

It took almost three years for this project to emerge as a result of an experiment conducted by a library agent who traveled the region and met the families to assess the interest of the project.

Science, history, literature and other reading in French and Arabic will now be offered to more than 1000 children away from cultural structures, while previously, only a hundred of them could benefit from it.


The bus was presented at the end of November in Lyon before the big departure for its mission in Tunisia.