Deep protection

Nature is a constant inspiration for cosmetics ingredients, but plants are not the only sources of natural actives. Mineral Matters™ liquid stone extracts apply special technology to extract important minerals from precious stones and make them bioavailable to the skin.  The result is a unique line of substantiated stone actives that enhance and protect. Zin’Cîte™ is a zinc complex extracted from smithsonite that offers long-term protection by shielding DNA and preventing glycation. See the other actives in this Mineral Matters™ line:

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Smithsonite Extract

Smithsonite is a 100% natural zinc carbonate (ZnCO3) stone sourced in Mexico. Characterized by a silky or pearly luster, this stone can reflect light or appear transparent, depending on the specimen. Smithsonite can be found in different colors, from turquoise to pink.


A unique process allows us to obtain a stable, bioavailable zinc-rich liquid active from smithsonite. Preservative free.

Green Smithsonite Mineral Semi-Precious Gem Specimen

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