Rhodo’Lîte™ ²

Anti-stress mineral complex

Nature is a constant inspiration for cosmetics ingredients, but plants are not the only sources of natural actives. Mineral Matters™ liquid stone extracts apply special technology to extract important minerals from precious stones and make them bioavailable to the skin.  The result is a unique line of substantiated stone actives that enhance and protect. Rhodo’Lîte™ ² is an antistress manganese complex extracted from rhodochrosite that offers extensive protection by preventing UVA damage to fibroblasts and stimulating natural cell defenses. See the other actives in this Mineral Matters™ line:

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Rhodochrosite Extract

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral that ranges in color from light pink to bright red.  It was first discovered in the 13th century, by the Incas, who believed the stone to be a physical manifestation of the blood of their gods. Its name comes from the Greek words rhodon (“rose”) and chrōma (“color”).

The stones used to create Rhodo’Lîte™ ² liquid stone extract are sourced in Argentina.


  • Shields fibroblasts from UVA
  • Stimulates natural cell defenses
  • Provides deep skin protection


  • Skin protection treatments—urban products, antiaging lines
  • Sun care
  • Spa lines