Sensorial expert for more than 20 years, Gattefossé always surprises and delights with innovative cosmetic textures.

In a will to go a step further, Gattefossé launches INSPIRATION: a new tool to make you discover novel sensorial experiences and galvanize your creativity. Providing pleasure, surprise and motivation, this tool has the objective to awaken your inner imagination.

Gattefossé Inspiration

INSPIRATION is a set of topics, each bringing you a new breath through innovative textures and visuals. The formulations, that illustrate each topic and that are created in our cosmetic application laboratory in France, will make you rediscover our ingredients outside of their comfort zone.

INSPIRATION is an annual rendezvous, with a launch every year in January at Cosmetagora, a French show designed for formulators. Each new edition offers brand new topics, illustrations and formulations, allowing the discovery of new textures and ideas.


In 2018, INSPIRATION presents three topics: MOVE IT, BE FRESH and THINK TWICE.




MOVE IT enhances the workout experience for consumers who are interested in getting and staying healthy and fit thanks to three formulations:

  • Revitalizing Primer in Motion (R.P.M.) (2007-1.14): a natural eye contour inspired from spinning lessons
  • Coco Sweat (1969-1.20): an innovative powder which needs to be diluted in water to catch sweat during the workout or to relax as a lotion at the end of the workout
  • Outdoor Warm-Up SPF50+ (1823-3.13): a sensorial sunscreen developed for outdoor athletes with high water-resistance properties brought by the emulsifier



BE FRESH is inspired by the cold and reinvents freshness through two innovative textures:

  • Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall (1924-1.15): a day cream with a watery and ultra-fresh texture leaving the skin glowy and radiant
  • Ice, Ice, Baby (1982-1.13): cold as ice for an immediate and lasting boost of freshness on the skin



THINK TWICE talks about illusions and trompe-l’oeils through three cosmetic products which are not what you would expect:

  • Melted Marshmallow (1942-1.35): flat and shiny day cream in appearance but which looks like a marshmallow as soon as it is used
  • Sleeping Bubbles (1943-1.17): night cream which hides bubbles underneath a smooth surface
  • Liquid Balm (1964-1.28): ultra-moisturizing and nourishing fluid body lotion hiding its true intentions

If you are interested to have more details about these inspiring themes and textures, please contact your local Gattefossé representative.