Publications on 3D printing

List of Gattefossé publications on 3D printing.

A 3D-Printed Polymer–Lipid-Hybrid Tablet towards the Development of Bespoke SMEDDS Formulations


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A Proof of Concept for 3D Printing of Solid Lipid-Based Formulations of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs to Control Formulation Dispersion Kinetics

Vithani K, Goyanes A, Jannin V, Basit AW, Gaisford S, Boyd BJ

Pharm Res. 2019 May 16;36(7):102.
doi: 10.1007/s11095-019-2639-y.

In this study, the authors show that solid SMEDDS can be produced with a 3D printing  process and solid and semi-solid lipid excipients. The proof of concept is established with cinnarizine and fenofibrate as model drugs.

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An Overview of 3D Printing Technologies for Soft Materials and Potential Opportunities for Lipid-based Drug Delivery Systems

Vithani K, Goyanes A, Jannin V, Basit AW, Gaisford S, Boyd BJ.

Pharm Res. 2018 Nov 7;36(1):4. doi: 10.1007/s11095-018-2531-1.

In this review article, the authors describe the various technologies used for 3D printing and their application in the pharmaceutical field.

The potential for lipids and the opportunities for lipid-based drug delivery systems are highlighted.

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A Novel Approach To Prepare Solid Self-microemulsifying Drug Delivery System Without A Solid-phase Carrier Using 3D Printing

KapilkumarVithani, Alvaro Goyanes, Vincent Jannin, Simon Gaisford, Ben Boyd

CRS 2018 poster

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