Topical delivery of cannabinoids

 Providing texture and stability

A short video to explain how Gattefossé all-in-one emulsifiers help simplify topical formulations and enable to obtain a wide range of sensorial textures

Tefose® 63: widely used oil-in-water emulsifier

Gelot™ 64: oil-in-water emulsifier, preferred for high oil content formulations



Discover how to develop a cream     formulation with CBD by clicking below on the formulation document

Gattefosse formulation cream with CBD October 2020


Ensuring drug solubilization and skin penetration

A short video to understand the three formulation rules, ie solubility, partition, diffusion, for safe skin penetration enhancement with Gattefossé solubilizers.

Transcutol® P:  A high-purity solvent and powerful solubilizer associated with skin penetration enhancement in topical dosage forms.

Lauroglycol™ FCC: Cosurfactant and solubilizer in topical dosage forms associated with skin penetration enhancement.

Patches are efficient systems to deliver drug to and through the skin. A permeation enhancer is often used to help the percutaneous passage of the drug. With a very high solubilizing capacity for both CBD and THC, Transcutol® P is the ideal permeation enhancer.

The mechanism of action of Transcutol® P for penetration and permeation enhancement can be explained as follows:

  •  Increasing drug solubility in the vehicle Increasing drug solubility and partitioning in the stratum corneum
  • Maintaining hydrated dynamics in the stratum corneum without disturbing the lipid bilayer structures

More information on the use of Transcutol® P for transdermal patches is available:

More information on the use of transdermal patches for cannabinoid drug delivery: here or there

Clear gel are obtained with Transcutol® P, whatever the gelling agent.

More information on the use of Transcutol® P for gels is available: