Gatt' Up & Act

Reinforcing Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

These days, there is no doubt that sustainability and social responsibility play a large role in influencing consumer purchases. In fact, according to Nielson, 69% of people in North America say it is extremely or very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment. (1)  Therefore, corporate social responsibility has become a key factor for consumers looking to limit the impact they have on the environment.



CSR is not new to us at Gattefossé; it has been at the heart of everything we do. Even as early as 1910, the Gattefossé family worked to develop what we refer to as sustainable sourcing today. Rene Maurice Gattefossé did this by establishing a close relationship with French lavender growers to improve their well-being and product quality. Today, our CSR is called Gatt’ Up  & Act. We decided to give it a name that portrays our approach and motivation to act together as responsible world citizens. The roadmap consists of three key pillars that house ten priority stakes that align closely with the UN’s sustainable development goals.





Preserving our environment



The first pillar is called preserving our environment. Under this pillar, we aim to develop products from reliable and renewable sources, reduce our carbon footprint, preserve water resources, and responsibly use our waste. Key stakes take into account the sustainability of our raw materials and waste management, energy transition, and impact on water resources.



Caring for our people



The second pillar, caring for our people, promotes the well-being and personal development of each employee, enabling everyone to work in complete safety and good health. This is done while deploying strong, inclusive social values.



Acting as a world citizen 


The last pillar, acting as a world citizen, reflects corporate philanthropy actions towards the common good, whether for health, science, biodiversity, or solidarity. Stakes under this pillar take into account contributions toward society as a company and individually.





We have worked with EcoVadis since 2017 in order to ensure that we are consistently improving our CSR approach. EcoVadis has assessed over 90,000 companies since its launch in 2007, making it the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. In 2021, Gattefossé was awarded the Platinum rating, the highest level of recognition, placing our company in the top 1% of evaluations in our sector.



For more information about our CSR approach, click here.