Our history


Louis Gattefossé Founder 1880In 1880, Louis Gattefossé founded the company in France.

This “avant-garde” entrepreneur always believed in building strong relationships with his customers. He nurtured “curiosity”, a quality that was to prove precious for the future of his enterprise.    





Perfumes & essences

René-Maurice Gattefossé, Founder of the Modern AromatherapyLater, Louis’ son René-Maurice Gattefossé, headed the company.

Inventive and visionary, he brought his scientific methodology to the business.

Creator of Perfumes and Scents and inventor of aromatherapy, he has marked the history of Gattefossé through his progressive thinking.  


Plant extraction & scientific partnerships

In succession, Henri-Marcel Gattefossé, his son, widened the scope of the business by adding plant extracts to the catalogue. Passionate about science and people, he worked closely with researchers in hospitals and universities around the world.

Through these scientific contacts, Henri-Marcel later created the Académie des Alpilles, bringing together all of the stakeholders of Les Journées Galéniques de St-Rémy de Provence, which provides opportunities for sharing knowledge with the global scientific community.


This institution, placed under the scope of Gattefossé Foundation, is still active more than forty years later and is internationally recognized.  




Emile Mahler, creative engineer and chemist, joined the company in 1937 when he married René-Maurice’s daughter. In the following years, his work on lipids, emulsion technologies and their applications to formulation development has greatly influenced the company’s orientations and long-term development. Gattefossé’s current know-how in oleochemistry finds its origins in Emile Mahler’s work and studies.  


More recent challenges

In recent decades, our company has faced the fast changing evolution of our environment and has responded to the rapidly increasing demands of customers: quality, innovation, regulatory and need for differentiation.
Under the leadership of Jacques Moyrand, our group has been resolutely prepared for the future, and re-organized to face these challenges and to develop better customer relations.
Distribution affiliates have been established in all leading regions (North America, Western Europe, Middle East and Asia). Our group is now present in more than 60 countries through a comprehensive network of agents and distributors.