Gatuline® Age Defense NP

Proactive shield

Skin aging occurs in two ways. Intrinsic aging is the natural deterioration of the skin with age, while extrinsic aging is the cumulative effect of exposure to UV and environmental stress over time. With a combination of scavenging and energizing molecules, Gatuline® Age Defense NP protects the natural cellular antioxidant pool.  The skin is thus protected from harsh external factors—e.g. UV and pollution—and able to resist the effects of time.

Use level


Water (and) Juglans Regia (Walnut) Seed Extract

Gatuline Age Defense NP is an extract of Grenoble walnut, the first walnut variety in the world to be awarded the European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label.  Grown in France, this certified variety of walnut is rich in active molecules such as polyphenols, amino acids, mineral salts, and B vitamins, which work together to bring protection and nourishment to the cells.

walnuts on white background


  • Provides complete protection from oxidative stress
  • Boosts cell metabolism
  • Shields from effects of pollution
  • Fights extrinsic and intrinsic aging
  • Protects hair and skin from UV and environmental damage


  • Anti-aging and protective treatments
  • Sun treatments
  • Anti-pollution and antistress products
  • Hair treatments (counteracts effects of sun and protects dyed hair