Gattefossé Foundation: Axel Kahn interviewed by Les Cités d’Or

As part of its partnership with the Gattefossé Foundation, the French association Les Cités d'Or will hold a “meet-the-public” session, with Axel Kahn on Tuesday, January 16th at 6pm at the Gattefossé headquarters in Saint-Priest.

It’s been half a century since Axel Kahn, a French doctor, passionate geneticist about ethical reflection, leads a permanent thinking on the biological, philosophical and cultural aspects that found Man and society.   “When questioning what a human being is, and how we can activate the potential authorized by the human genome, otherness plays a decisive role, We build ourselves with each other, we learn by contact on the other at all ages of life. “   Driven by this belief, the scientist will answer the young interns’ questions of Les Cités d’Or French association and will discuss  his career, successes and failures.

Axel Kahn en audition publique Les Cités d'Or

The “meet-the-public” session The session focuses on a question which is both simple yet daunting: what do we all need in order to become active stakeholders in our own lives and in society?