Apifil® CG

Melting sensation

Today’s cosmetic products require flexibility and innovation, as well as simplicity. Consumers today are placing a higher emphasis on health and wellness, marked by a strong return to traditional values and natural sources. Obtained from beeswax, Apifil® CG is a moisturizing emulsifier that can be used for a wide range of cosmetic formulations, offering pleasant spreadability and ease of application, while contributing to skin hydration.

Use level


PEG-8 Beeswax

O/W emulsifier,  made from natural beeswax, Apifil® CG promises efficacy in complete harmony with the skin. Beeswax helps to increase emulsion viscosity and improve spreadability.  It enriches the oil phase of emulsions and improves after-feel, while also contributing to skin hydration by reducing moisture loss through the creation of a protective lipid film.



  • Rich texture yet light after-feel
  • Heightened melting sensation
  • Heightened comfort during application


Lotions, supple creams, thick creams, and butters:

  • Skin care—day and night applications
  • Hair care—treatment masks, styling waxes
  • Makeup—mascaras, foundations, lipsticks, pencils
  • Sun care—protective sunscreen creams, aftersun preparations


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